How It All Started

Roughly 25 years ago in Iowa, I found an American Toad and named him Spot. From there, the more I found the more interested I was. My first successful breeding project, when I was 10, was a pair of Giant Day Geckos. Next came the Veiled Chameleons, and on and on. The more I experimented with different reptiles, the more I became fascinated in the hobby of keeping and breeding reptiles.

My interests expanded to amphibians and salt water set ups. I obtained jobs at different reptile shops with a variety of my own projects on the side. In both Iowa and Arizona, I've stayed active in the study and hobby of keeping reptiles. Both my "work" and free time are dedicated to the upkeep of my shop and animals.

My Commitment

Reptile Mogul Exotics is my first shop, and as it grows I feel obligated to supply customers with great healthy animals. It's hard to call this a job when I'm doing what I have always wanted to do!

-Jared Ohsman, Owner

Jared Ohsman smiling and holding a piebald ball python